Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Lord's University - The Earth!

Despite other assertions, the “Lord’s University” is really – the earth.  Our pre-mortal life was more like our K-12 education.  It was “at home” and in the presence of our parents and family.  Now it is our time to “go to college” before embarking on our own careers and families.  Before we can be trusted with ultimate power, or even partial power, we must be educated and tested in a “real world” setting and on our own, away from Him.  How will we use certain powers in a real setting with real consequences?  What are our real desires?  What are we made of?

During our education and testing at the Lord’s University, He, as our Father, enrolls us in “classes” we probably would not enroll in on our own.  He knows that these “classes” are necessary for our success however, and if failed will require make-up courses or may possibly limit options for our “career.”  These classes may include disasters and/or prosperity (from our point of view), because we are viewing this life as the “real thing,” which it is not.  It is temporary.  It will end.  Our “real” life will begin after the resurrection, when all pain is gone and judgment has been made.

How can this understanding help us to succeed in these “classes?”  When we understand how temporary this life is, that it is really more of a school, the fashions and glories of it become less enticing.  Of course that understanding can only come as we study the scriptures and the words of the living prophets, as well as obey His commandments and draw close to Him in prayer and service.  This could be likened unto clinging to the Iron Rod and partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Life.  Gradually we then can begin to see the lack of foundation of the great and spacious building and know that it will someday collapse.

Of course just understanding this alone will not get us where we want to be.  We have to work, learn and take responsibility, humble ourselves, and purge ourselves from the glories of the world – all while living in it!  Getting our desires in line with God’s knowledge and wisdom is what will bring peace and enjoyment in following Him.  I pray for you, my children and descendants, that you will work to put your desires in line with His, in other words make your eye single to the glory of God, which is the saving of souls.

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