Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Spacesuit

This physical body is not me.  It is the spacesuit that allows me to live and work in this spiritually hostile environment.  Because of the Savior, it will be perfected and become mine forever after the resurrection.  It enables me to do many things I was not be able to do prior to birth, like manipulate matter.  Depending on how I use its on-board computer, how I learn to control its machinery and emotions, how I take care of it, and what I use it to do will determine what I will be able to use it for after this life.

So I spend my time working on each of these facets of me.  I continue to learn about how my body functions, so I can keep it in good working order.  I work on controlling and using the emotions and appetites appropriately and only for good purposes.  I continue to add "apps" and facts to the computer.

Life is about developing ourselves as best we can with the body and situations, including weaknesses, purposefully given us.  It is also about testing what our spirits will do with this increased power and freedom that we did not have before.

How are you doing with your spacesuit?!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Atonement gives courage and hope

When we come to understand what the atonement is all about through study and meditation, it gives us the hope and the courage to get up again when we trip and fall (sin) or when the world knocks us down through no fault of our own.

When we come to truly love the Savior by serving and coming to recognize all the tender mercies he does for us, THAT gives us the determination to get up again, even when we're tired and discouraged.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Faith and enduring

I spent time this morning watching the Church’s videos on the life of Christ.  I was particularly impressed watching those that depicted His apostles as He told them that His hour was come, and that when the shepherd was taken, the sheep would be scattered.

When Peter said that though all might deny, he would not, but would stand with Him, the Savior foretold his thrice denial.  I watched as the mob took Him away for His “trial.”  I pondered on the confusion that the apostles must have felt.  It was impressed on me what great faith it took at that time to not understand, to feel the confusion, to see everything going wrong.  Remember that they did not have the Holy Ghost yet to be a companion and strengthening influence.  I wondered how they endured it!

Despite being scattered, they remained true.  In his denial Peter did not deny that Jesus was the Christ, but merely that he knew Him.  They did not throw away their faith in the midst of this confusion and trauma. They were frightened, greatly distraught, and very anxious.  Nevertheless they remained faithful.

May we likewise, when times get tough and confusing, use the shield of faith to ward off the fiery darts of the evil one.  And then let us stand, having girded ourselves with the armor of God, by way of the scriptures, hearing the prophets and leaders, and doing His will.  With the preparation of the Gospel, our foundation will be sure, and the floods will not wash us away.

Imagine the relief of these brethren after struggling through, not perfectly, but still holding on, when the Lord showed Himself to them later.  How wonderful it must have been to know they were still His.  May we likewise feel this great joy when we at last see each other on the other side, resurrected, and glorified with Him!