Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Spacesuit

This physical body is not me.  It is the spacesuit that allows me to live and work in this spiritually hostile environment.  Because of the Savior, it will be perfected and become mine forever after the resurrection.  It enables me to do many things I was not be able to do prior to birth, like manipulate matter.  Depending on how I use its on-board computer, how I learn to control its machinery and emotions, how I take care of it, and what I use it to do will determine what I will be able to use it for after this life.

So I spend my time working on each of these facets of me.  I continue to learn about how my body functions, so I can keep it in good working order.  I work on controlling and using the emotions and appetites appropriately and only for good purposes.  I continue to add "apps" and facts to the computer.

Life is about developing ourselves as best we can with the body and situations, including weaknesses, purposefully given us.  It is also about testing what our spirits will do with this increased power and freedom that we did not have before.

How are you doing with your spacesuit?!

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WebGeek said...

There's an app for that! ;)

Good thoughts. Thanks, Dad.