Monday, February 16, 2015


Seek to become pure through the atonement.  Sexual impurity, whether self abuse or with a partner other than your spouse, is addictive and prevents the Spirit from directing your thinking in the ways of truth.  It is like disconnecting the rudder of your ship in the middle of the ocean.  You become lost and are at the mercy of conflicting currents and the winds of varying doctrines and appetites.

When you get in that situation, Satan will do whatever he can to destroy you, both spiritually and physically, unless he can use you to destroy others' spirituality first.  Fortunately, if you sincerely seek for repentance, the Savior can help you back and protect you.

Do not put off repentance however, for the Adversary will make it harder and more confusing the longer you wait.  Repent every day of impure thoughts, words, or actions, acknowledging your weakness to our Father in Heaven.  He knows already, but becoming humble and truthful before Him gives strength to conquer the enemy of your soul.  Humility allows him to teach and empower you.  His grace is sufficient, or in other words, more powerful than the sin or the devil's chains.  But remember that if you procrastinate the day of your repentance, it becomes increasingly difficult.  And who knows when the night of death will close the door back to Him?

Heavenly Father is more kind, helpful, truthful, and dependable than anyone on earth.  I want to come back to Him more than to any person on earth.  He knows me and loves me more.  How terrible it would be to not be able to come back to Him, especially with all He has done for me.  Let us all humbly, patiently, with perseverance seek to purify ourselves, through the atonement, that we may become like His Son, our Savior, that He might exalt us into His presence forever together!

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