Friday, February 14, 2014

Family's are Forever

The priesthood lesson #4 Strengthening and Preserving the Family had a quote on p. 77-78 that reads, “Is it possible to imagine a greater source of sorrow than to be left in the eternal world without claim on father or mother or children?”  I thought about how our kids and parents have missed us in China this year.  And then I thought, “What if I could never see my Heavenly Parents – ever again - just because I wasn’t faithful.”  What agony would that bring once our memories of our pre-mortal family life are restored?!

We need to nourish the relationship we once had, through conversations with Him and study to come to know God once again.  He sure has been kind to me here in China!

Another statement, p. 79, was, “Do you spend as much time making your family and home successful as you do in pursuing social and professional success?”  I thought about how wonderful my family is and also my past efforts that sometimes were not sufficient, yet I realized that we do not have to be perfect at it.  We do have to be consistent and continuing, ever pressing forward, despite our lapses and weaknesses.

We don’t need lots of money to strengthen our families.  We need effort and thought.

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