Thursday, December 5, 2013

Practicing Skills

When we first come to this earth, we learn the important skills of eating, balancing, walking, talking, etc.  These enable us to get along in this world.  Later we work to develop abilities that will get us things, hunting skills, craftsmanship skills, or intellectual skills.

I believe the most important skills, the ones we came to this earth most to develop, were the skills of patience, kindness, empathy, long suffering, virtue, and others that Paul enumerates.  Our work in families and the Church help us in developing these skills and in becoming more proficient in them, just as going to a football camp may improve skills emphasized there.

To sharpen these skills then we may need to focus our attention on them more.  How are we doing?

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Mama Kadie said...

parenthood sure helps in development of those important skills. Especially in the middle of the night when nothing works to get baby to sleep. Or when your independent teenager doesn't understand and starts screaming at you instead of talking to you. ;)