Saturday, September 14, 2013

Listening to talks with distractions

Tonight we listened to District Conference, Adult Session, for our Central China International District.  Of course it was by phone link all across China.  We heard from an Australian, American, Canadian,  and someone from Ecuador, each with their different accents.  The phone link is not clear.  There are clicks, weird sounds that delay speaking then race ahead to catch up with the sound coming in, etc.  These make it hard to understand when there is an accent the speaker has.  Nevertheless the important parts came through.  We felt the spirit and were spiritually energized.

Sometimes at home we tend to get bothered when there is noise from children, or anything else distracting happens.  I found that perhaps the most important part of our listening during these meetings is the worshiping we do.  When we do that, we tend to be less critical!

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