Friday, March 5, 2010

What we like

From my youth I've tried to get myself to like what was good for me. I tried to eat at least some of what was good for me, whether I wanted it or not to begin with. I listened to that which was considered better music (classical or uplifting), rather than just what was easy (rock, stuff with a beat). I even tried to read or watch stuff I felt would be good for me, rather than just what I liked at the moment.

As time has gone by, I find now that I actually DO like what is good for me! The things I like to eat are the things that are good for me. The music I prefer usually is that which is uplifting and of the highest form. That's not to say I don't eat other things too or occasionally listen to lesser quality music. The point is, that by taking positive action, I actually desire what is best.

It has been said that one who makes himself smile a lot, will end up having a happier face even when not thinking about it and when older. The more we consciously seek for what is best, the more we desire it, and the less we like lesser stuff.

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KDCJ said...

You know Dad I was thinking about this the other day... I wanted to say to you and mom "Thank you! Thank you for making me eat stuff I didn't like and listen to different kinds of Music some I like some not so much."
This taught me a lot about feeling what my body and spirit wanted or needed. I can tell now especially that my body feels better when I eat good food; and my spirit feels better when I watch good things and especially when I feel extra stress... I can turn on Classical Music and feel up lifted.
For all that and more... THANK YOU!!!