Sunday, August 16, 2009

Asking for Him to develop us

We ought to continually ask our Father in Heaven to teach us and help us develop into what He wants us to become. That sounds easy enough at first, but what it implies is, asking for those experiences that will build us. Can you see where I'm going? Some experiences that will build us are not that pleasant, but they are worth it if we persevere through them.

Do we have enough faith to ask for whatever experience He deems necessary for our development? That is a challenge that requires real humility or teachableness and desire for what truly is the best. It goes along with the thought, "How much do we want truth?" Can we accept truth even when it is different than what we want?

I think acquiring that kind of humility and attitude takes time and patience to develop. Sometimes we have to ask, like the man who asked for help in having faith sufficient that his son could be healed, "Help thou mine unbelief," (Mark 9:24). But if it is really what we want, He will mold us in His hands into what we truly have the capability to become. And we really don't know how great that capability is now. We don't fully comprehend what being a child of God means.

Let us ask continually for Him to be our guide, teacher, and leader and he will develop us. He will take us through successfully.

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