Sunday, December 14, 2008

Testimony of Christ

I know that Jesus lives. He is the light that can bring joy to any and all of the world if we will just receive and follow after Him. With His blood and pain, He bought, unconditionally for all, our eventual freedom from death and physical pain. Perhaps more importantly in that same process He bought freedom from sin and its consequences, IF we will obey Him by repenting and forsaking those sins. Not only will He forgive us when we comply, He will also help us along the way, picking us up when we fall, strengthening us, and lifting us above what we have been, as long as we seek after Him and work to bring our lives into line with Him. He accepts us where we are as long as we continue to make the effort to lift ourselves toward Him by means of His atonement. And so I have great reason to rejoice for He is my Savior! He is King and Lord of the whole earth, which He created, under His Father's direction, as a place for us to develop and grow. I know this, because He has helped me by means of that atonement. He has helped me when I did not feel worthy of that help. His plan for happiness is true and it allows me to have hope in this world. Without that knowledge, I would surely have caused myself and others much more sorrow. His ways, if followed, will eliminate so much sorrow and needless suffering. That is why missionary work is so important. Jesus cares about all and wants all to have the choice of happiness and life rather than sorrow and death. He wants us to become like Him, so that we may have perfect joy as He does. The world cannot come to know Him without that missionary effort of bringing His message to all who will listen. Jesus knows the difficulties of life, because He experienced life, yet rose above it all, sacrificing Himself as part of His plan, to bring us back to live with our Father in Heaven if we will but follow and obey. His message brings understanding of our mortal life. It brings the light to show us where we came from, why we are here and what we must do to be happy, and what comes after this life. He truly is the light and life of the world! May we receive our King that the blessings may flow in our lives is my prayer for all, and I offer that prayer in His name, even Jesus the Christ Amen.

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