Saturday, June 14, 2008

5 June 2008 Cultivating Marriage

It is more your responsibility to make yourself love your spouse than it is your spouse's responsibility. If you work at remembering why you fell in love (journals are a great help as time fades memories), if you work at trying to make them love you, you will find that you love your spouse more. Life will not always be young, beautiful, and exciting. Comfort causes us to relax and not nurture our relationship. Like a garden, unless we constantly cultivate our marriage, weeds can come in unnoticed, fertilizer becomes depleted, and the soil dries out. The very best way to prevent a marriage garden failure is to cultivate a relationship with Father in Heaven. He can help us see our failures and avoid unnecessary mistakes that leave scars. Only He, through the sacrifice of the atonement, can truly heal scars as well, but only as we strive to get to know and love Him. He made us. He knows what we must do to be happy and wants to help us do it.

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